12 Step to Kicking Niceness

Niceness can go away. Because it has never done anything for me. What is a smile worth without respect? If all a person has to describe a man is “nice” then either that man is sugar coated and pleasing or that person is unfair and shallow in judgment. Either way, whether perceived or true, sweets leave little to grow any meaningful relationship from and so little to remember and even littler to desire. Has there ever been a word more seemingly benign yet insidiously demasculinizing as “nice?” Pretty? Silly? Niceness can go away because it has never done anything for me. No, I prefer “good.”


4 thoughts on “12 Step to Kicking Niceness

  1. demasculinizing indeed. “huggable” and “big teddy bear” seem to fall into the same category, however this post was about the atrocity that has become the idea of being nice. and its true. “good” is a much better word to describe what has often been reduced to “nice”.

    what is wrong with a person who thinks of others just as much, if not more, than themselves? is that not the concept that has been reduced to “being nice”? apparently in LA it makes you someone who doesnt understand how the world works. it makes you someone with a sign on your head that says, “would you kindly step on me on your way to the top, please and thank you”.

    so why not change? why not make it a point that thinking of yourself should be paramount to thinking of others. because i believe that there is a happiness to be found in the act of being “good”. not for anyones recognition or some divine payoff when i die, but simply because i know better. because i know that in the end, when all is said and done, i have made a difference in someone elses life. no matter how miniscule. its not smug. its not arrogant. i dont even care if anyone notices. its simply an attitude i have adopted and even if i wanted to change it im not sure if i could. few will understand it. many will try and figure out my motives or make my actions more complicated than they are. and just a few will KNOW. oh… thats just Matt.

    that being said, anyone who tries to take advantage can go fuck themselves… i aint THAT nice. lol

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